Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Villagers strike Gold in Malawi

Gold Found In Malawi

Reports coming from reputable media sources in Malawi claim that villagers in Ntcheu have struck Gold panning through the deposits along the Likhudzi and Lisungwi rivers.

The mining of the gold has been exciting villagers in surrounding areas who are viewing this as a solution to their poverty. The claims have been backed by village headman Banda whose people are reaping the benefits of their newfound wealth. Money has gone into various consumer products like Bicycles and sofas while others have invested in different forms of enterprise.

However the ministry of responsible for mining has denied any knowledge of the gold trade taking place in Ntcheu district. The ministry is in the process of reviewing the laws so that they are attractive to both foreign investors and that they should serve the interest of Malawians

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